Firmware update 1.8 brings Anna new functionalities

Anna keeps on learning, and likes to show you this. After careful testing, we are pleased to roll out to you our update. The firmware update will be rolled out in phases over the coming months. The update will automatically take place at night, so you don’t have to worry about it. What new functionalities will be available after this update?

We have put together a list with the most important changes for you, so you can get the most out of Anna.

Outdoor temperature visible

Winter days are colder than summer days, which is of course generally known. But not every winter day is as cold. The outdoor temperature obviously affects your heating behaviour and can be found in the graphs from now on. This outdoor temperature is the temperature measured at the weather station near your location. This way you can easily check the outdoor temperature at moment when you were heating a lot.

DHW comfort (only for OpenTherm)

DHW comfort
What’s DHW (Domestic Hot Water) comfort mode? The DHW comfort mode ensures that the tap water is continuously kept at the right temperature, through a heat exchanger in the boiler. This function is available on most OpenTherm boilers. This all sounds very technical, but it just means that the boiler always keeps a reservoir of warm water at the right temperature. This ensures you always have warm water fast, but at the same time keeping the water warm will cost you extra energy.


Are you on a holiday? Or have you set Anna on the preset “frost protection”? Then it is not necessary to keep a reservoir of continuous warm water. A waste of energy and cost. Anna therefore automatically turns off the DHW comfort mode at the presets “vacation” and “frost protection”.

To turn on/off the DHW comfort mode you can use the saving modes or the presets (vacation and frost protection).

Saving modes:

  • Comfort: The DHW comfort mode is on, you now have quick access to warm water.
  • Eco: The DHW comfort mode is off.
  • Green crusader: The DHW comfort mode is off.

Do you want the benefits of the saving modes “Eco” and “Green crusader”, and still have quick access to warm water? That’s possible. Open the HTML interface, go to “Boiler settings” and turn on “DHW comfort” yourself.

Please note! The saving modes “Eco” or “Green crusader” not only determine the DHW comfort mode, but also the pre-heating time and the allowed fluctuation around the set temperature. Therefore, you can also manually adjust the DHW comfort mode.


  • Vacation: The DHW comfort mode is turned off automatically.
  • Frost protection: The DHW comfort mode is turned off automatically.

Don’t you want the DHW comfort mode turned off? Then change your preset.

Good to know

  • After the firmware update, there will be no automatic changes. Only when you change from saving mode after the firmware update, then the new settings will take effect.
  • In some cases it might happen when you turn off the DHW comfort mode, there is no warm water available at all. This depends on the boiler. Should this be the case, you can turn on the DHW comfort mode via the HTML interface. Go to “Boiler settings” and turn on “DHW comfort” in the HTML interface.

DHW temperature (only for OpenTherm)

It is possible to influence the DHW temperature via the HTML interface. Never reduce the temperature lower than 60 degrees Celsius, this because of the risk of legionella.

Geographic coordinates

geographic coordinates
Anna detects the nearest weather station based on your postal code. From now on, it’s also possible to enter the geographic coordinates of your location in the HTML interface.

How do you find your geographic coordinates?
Find your location in Google Maps. Click (right button on your mouse) on your location. Click “What’s here?”. At the bottom of the screen a window will appear with your location and the geographic coordinates. You can copy and paste these coordinates in the HTML interface of Anna.

Icons on Anna display


Anna has some new icons on the display, it now also provides even more insight into the reasons why the boiler is turned on. From now on, it is possible to see the difference between heating for warm DHW, or for central heating.

Support by Anna


Need help with your Anna? With the new diagnostic screen, we can help you even better. It is no longer necessary to open the support connection through the Smile T. Now you can also open the support connection via the Anna display.

How do you open the support connection via the Anna display?

  • Push the right button on Anna for 3 seconds, you will open the diagnostic screen.
  • Then press, when the diagnostic screen is open, the left button on Anna for 3 seconds to open/renew the support connection.
  • Press the right button on Anna for 3 seconds. You will now close the diagnostic screen.

Through the support connection our helpdesk staff can review your Anna and help you to get back on track.